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Friday, May 28, 2010

Batch of cupcakes made!

Cupcakes are done! Thank you to those who commissioned from me.
The three rows on the left are commissions, but everything else I plan to put for sale!

I'm off all the way to California tomorrow (I'm in Chicago right now!) for Fantaisies dans le Monde des RĂªves in San Jose! Very excited about it!

Until the roses no longer bloom...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cupcake commissions STILL OPEN!

Hi everyone!

I'm still open for cupcake commissions! I'm open until tomorrow, May 27th, 8pm CNT!
So if you would like one, let me know!

See the post below for items!

Also keep an eye on my etsy- over the next few days I plan to add items!

Until the roses no longer bloom...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cupcake commissions!

Hi everyone!

Guess what- for the next two days, I'm open for cupcake commissions!

I can make cupcake necklaces, rings, or just the cupcakes by themselves (for those of you who want a cake for your doll!)

The rings are fully adjustable, will fit any finger
non toxic when dry, so don't worry about it being an issue!
Components are polymer clay and silicone.
Crystals will be Swarovski (I will let you know otherwise)


Please note it will take me a week to make these. They should be out and about in two weeks!




Please email me at elerronyar@gmail.com with your order!
Please be sure to include:

  • whether you would like to pay over etsy (I can make a private listing) or directly through email via paypal
  • paypal email in the event you want to pay directly through email/paypal
  • etsy name if you want to order through etsy

Fill out this form for each cupcake please :D
Cupcake style- necklace or ring?
Cupcake base color-
Cupcake component (please remember color and/or type!)-

Any specific desire in placement (like 3 roses on one side, 2 on the other, etc)

Here are the choices!

Cupcake base colors-
light Pink
Sharp pink
light blue
-etc. If you have a color you want, I can try to do it for you!

Cupcake cream-

Cupcake components-
Roses- same color as base
Roses- different color than base
Friut- strawberry, kiwi, citrus friut

Crystal colors
dark red
-etc. if you have a request, please let me know.

Until the roses no longer bloom...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sales over at the egl_sales_comm while you wait!

I have something nice for everyone while you wait for my shop to reopen!
Egl_comm_sales is a livejournal community that allows you to sell EGL and aristocratic clothes to other gothic lolitas and gothic aristocrats! I usually post there to sell lolita clothes, and today I just posted some clothes AND leftovers from ACen!
Currently I have listed these leftovers-
  • Cabochon rings- $2
  • Small cookie rings- $2
  • Single hair pins- $2
  • Hair pin set of 2- $4
  • Parfait necklaces- $5
  • Cupcake necklaces- $6
  • Bow pins- $2
  • Mini flower hair pieces/pins- $5
So please check it out! If you see anything but are not a member of egl_comm_sales (only members can post right now I believe), please comment here! I can set them aside for you and open the shop tomorrow, May 19th, with a private listing you can purchase off of my etsy!

Also if you are interested in some EGL goods, I have a beautiful Innocent World dress that is new going for less than retail right now at the post and some other goodies!

Here's the link-

Monday, May 17, 2010

Back from ACen!

We had a WONDERFUL time at ACen!!! Thank you to everyone who came by the booth to say hello! It was an absolute blast to see so many face light up because they saw all the goodies I had available!

Thank you also to the two wonderful ladies who allowed me to sell their goods at my table!

And thank you to my wonderful Michael for man-ing the booth while I was gone!

I have closed my etsy shop until Tuesday (5/18) or the latest Wednesday (5/19) to check for inventory. I am getting ready to post a lot of goodies up to etsy, so please watch my blog the next few days for updates!

Until the roses no longer bloom...