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Friday, April 30, 2010

Bow necklaces

I'm working on QUITE a few things for Anime Central. Super busy and crazy!
I haven't posted in a little while, so I thought I should at least share the next item I will be putting up on etsy.

Part of the Bow Collection, bow and lollipop necklaces ^_^

They will hopefully go up this evening on etsy ^^

Until the roses no longer bloom...

Monday, April 26, 2010

Ring featured in another blog ^^

One of the items from the Bow Collection has been featured on another blog ^_^

Sealed with a Kiss listed the Dark pink bow ring as Top 10 Etsy favorites #8!


Until the roses no longer bloom...

Friday, April 23, 2010

New goods- Bow Collection

New goodies!

I'm finally uploading to etsy again!
First off, I'm starting with a rather simple collection that is, well, rather simply called The Bow Collection.
Rings that are fully adjustable, bobby pin sets, and pearl brooches that can be worn on your clothes, purse, anywhere!

Simple and clean sometimes is key!

More coming soon- I am still working like a mad fiend on my signature cupcakes!
I just ordered some moo cards too! Cannot wait to receive them ^_^

Until the roses no longer bloom...

First post ^_^

Hello everyone!
Welcome to the first blog post of Paradise Rose!
I'm Elerronyar, a 23 year old entrepreneur who has been making cute jewelry since Anime Central 2009. It is about time I finally create a blog and focus on developing the small business, which caters to all aspects of lolita- sweet, gothic, classical, and others! I have so many boxes to open in my head full of ideas, so be prepared to see some interesting things coming through the woodwork.

Currently Paradise Rose has an etsy shop- you can access it here-http://www.etsy.com/shop/elerronyar
or via the mini Etsy gadget at the top of my blog. I will always be adding new things, even when I am away this summer for school!

In this blog I will be posting updates of what I am up to pertaining to the various goodies I plan to put out in my Etsy shop. So be sure to bookmark both this blog and my etsy, and keep your eyes peeled for updates ^_^

If you are interested- I do have a personal blog which I update with daily goodies, interesting lolita tidbits, etc :D

I have quite a few ways that you can follow me personally as well- I post general things, not necessarily Paradise Rose specific. Please add me if you are curious and I'll do the same! Hopefully in the future I will also have a Paradise Rose specific account for each of these ^_^

Until the roses no longer bloom...