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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sales over at the egl_sales_comm while you wait!

I have something nice for everyone while you wait for my shop to reopen!
Egl_comm_sales is a livejournal community that allows you to sell EGL and aristocratic clothes to other gothic lolitas and gothic aristocrats! I usually post there to sell lolita clothes, and today I just posted some clothes AND leftovers from ACen!
Currently I have listed these leftovers-
  • Cabochon rings- $2
  • Small cookie rings- $2
  • Single hair pins- $2
  • Hair pin set of 2- $4
  • Parfait necklaces- $5
  • Cupcake necklaces- $6
  • Bow pins- $2
  • Mini flower hair pieces/pins- $5
So please check it out! If you see anything but are not a member of egl_comm_sales (only members can post right now I believe), please comment here! I can set them aside for you and open the shop tomorrow, May 19th, with a private listing you can purchase off of my etsy!

Also if you are interested in some EGL goods, I have a beautiful Innocent World dress that is new going for less than retail right now at the post and some other goodies!

Here's the link-

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