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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cupcake commissions!

Hi everyone!

Guess what- for the next two days, I'm open for cupcake commissions!

I can make cupcake necklaces, rings, or just the cupcakes by themselves (for those of you who want a cake for your doll!)

The rings are fully adjustable, will fit any finger
non toxic when dry, so don't worry about it being an issue!
Components are polymer clay and silicone.
Crystals will be Swarovski (I will let you know otherwise)


Please note it will take me a week to make these. They should be out and about in two weeks!




Please email me at elerronyar@gmail.com with your order!
Please be sure to include:

  • whether you would like to pay over etsy (I can make a private listing) or directly through email via paypal
  • paypal email in the event you want to pay directly through email/paypal
  • etsy name if you want to order through etsy

Fill out this form for each cupcake please :D
Cupcake style- necklace or ring?
Cupcake base color-
Cupcake component (please remember color and/or type!)-

Any specific desire in placement (like 3 roses on one side, 2 on the other, etc)

Here are the choices!

Cupcake base colors-
light Pink
Sharp pink
light blue
-etc. If you have a color you want, I can try to do it for you!

Cupcake cream-

Cupcake components-
Roses- same color as base
Roses- different color than base
Friut- strawberry, kiwi, citrus friut

Crystal colors
dark red
-etc. if you have a request, please let me know.

Until the roses no longer bloom...

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