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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ohayocon 2013

We're back from Ohayocon and finally re-cooperated! We had an absolutely wonderful time meeting everyone and providing goodies for you all :)

We have a few pictures to share with you~

Our setup

We had so many fuzzy accessories! More are coming to the etsy shop very soon!

Featured new and old items including bat necklaces, brooches, parfait necklaces, and hair pins!

My amazing helper Michael at the table with Paca :P

We were lucky to have a lot of space in back, so I spent most of the convention making new items.  One of our customers commissioned a bracelet from us and snapped a picture of me making it! Welcome to some of the insanity that is creating for Paradise Rose :P Credit~ http://azureamaryllis.tumblr.com/post/41251716375/

New items will be updated to the Etsy over the next few days including new fuzzy accessories, cupcake rings and cupcake necklaces. A few nice Valentine themed items will be uploaded too!  So stay tuned :)

All orders will be shipped on Monday. Thank you for waiting patiently. 

Until the roses no longer bloom...

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