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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cyber Monday Sale + Commissions!

Kollision con was a lot of fun for a first convention :) It was fun seeing everyone there!

We have TONSSSS of items that we're putting up as Sunday goes on that will be all up and ready to go by the time Monday rolls around.

Why? Well-
Finally Christmas is truly coming and to celebrate we're going to have a Cyber Monday sale on the 29th. Just enter the coupon code CYBERMONDAY20 upon checkout of etsy to get 20% of your order!
  • Sale goes starts from 12am CNT on Monday, the 29th. I'm extending it until 12pm CNT on Tutesday, the 30th, in celebration of Elerronyar's birthday on the 29th :)

~Commission information~ NEW!

We're still open for commissions! Tuesday marks the day Elerronyar starts making cupcakes.
Commissions are open until Friday, December 3rd!
We recently received more cabochons, allowing for more commissioning options!

So now you can have cabochons in your cupcakes and parfaits!
All information on commissioning is still the same from my previous post here-

But now there are cabochons as well. Here are the two links to view them

Small cabochons appropriate for cupcakes/parfaits with other elements

Larger cabochons appropriate for cupcakes/parfaits with just a cabochon and crystals or pearls-

We will also be offering purchase slots for commissions on the etsy for Monday (but discount only applies if you purchase it within the allotted time on etsy!)

That's all for now! Enjoy Cyber Monday- a great opportunity to get gifts for everyone on your Christmas lists :D

Until the roses no longer bloom...

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