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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Youmacon is around the corner!

Youmacon Artist Alley opens on the 29th and Paradise Rose will be there!

Some of the goodies that we'll have:

Necklaces- parfait glasses, cupcake necklaces (sweet, gothic, autumn style, halloween), 1 D&D necklace :D
Rings- cupcake rings (sweet, gothic, autumn style, halloween), cabochon (those $2 rings), roses (new- my clay roses in ring form!), cookies
Earrings- parfait glasses, D&D
Pearl cabochon brooches
D&D cell phone charms
Deco-ed skullcandy and sony headphones
Autumn headdresses and barrettes
Halloween headdresses and barrettes
Hair roses

And now to feast your eyes upon a few of the goodies :D

Pearl brooch galore!

New awesome cupcake necklaces :D

A new design I'm doing lately- flattening the roses I normally make and turning them into cabochons!

Parfait earrings to match the parfait necklaces just below!

Deliciousness :D

So if you are in the area, please come by to say hello!!!

Until the roses no longer bloom...

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  1. Can't wait to see you there!!! Gotta have some of those parfait earrings!! <3